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Year Round Weekly Classes

Our year round Soccer Squirts programs for 2-8 year olds provides your child with a unique learning experience over 8 weeks.

Each Soccer Squirts session is designed to promote movement, balance, coordination, social interaction and most importantly, enjoyment of the 'beautiful game!' Our unique program includes many games and activities for preschool children and kindergarten children to learn the basic fundamentals of soccer, of which the main focus is on having fun while they learn. Our classes have been specifically structured to feed the imaginations of children in preschool and kindergarten.

Classes run for 1 hour, one day a week, and are usually 8 weeks in duration. Each of our coaches have an enthusiasm for the game of soccer, which is essential to our programs being of the highest standard. It is this drive to see young preschoolers and kindergarteners learning and developing their soccer skills which enables us to deliver high quality soccer coaching for 2-8 year olds. All games and activities in the sessions are designed specifically for young children in preschool or kindergarten; to engage them and ensure their learning experience is both enjoyable and educational. We pride ourselves on providing Soccer Squirts sessions which promote the fundamentals of soccer!

Preschool and kindergarten Soccer Squirts classes and Soccer Squirts camps are currently available across the East Coast; in NJ, NY, PA, CT, MA & RI.

Year Round Soccer Squirts Details


Various locations


Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall


2 to 8 years


Introduction, Foundation and Development


Weekly classes & week long summer camps


Typically 1 hour sessions


Each player will receive a certificate. Soccer balls are provided, however participants are encouraged to bring their own. 

Soccer Squirts Checklist

Movements with the ball
Changing direction
Changing speeds
Spatial awareness

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