Frequently Asked Questions

Is soccer a good sport for my child?

Soccer promotes the development of motor skills, encourages peer group interaction, develops communication skills, is an excellent form of exercise, and is great fun!

What if my child has never played before?

Not a problem; for many participants at preschool and kindergarten level, Soccer Squirts is their first introduction to any sport.

Our staff ensure that all ability levels are catered for and every child receives the individual attention they deserve.

Who will coach my child?

Our trainers are fully qualified soccer coaches who have a background in education, coaching & teaching preschoolers.  Our staff receive specific training on how to get the best out of the very specialized Soccer Squirts age group.

We pride ourselves on providing soccer experiences in a manner that will optimize the learning and development opportunities for each participant.

What do I need to bring to class?

For safety we require that each player wear appropriate footwear. Your child will also need plenty of water and lots of energy.

Please pay special attention to providing your child with plenty to drink; if in doubt, over estimate!

How are the groups determined?

Groups are typically determined by age. On larger programs which allow for multiple groups, children will be split by age.

On smaller programs where there is only one group operating then all ages will participate together.

Groups are not separated by gender in Soccer Squirts classes.

Can friends be in the same group?

As long as they are close in age then absolutely. We always try to offer friend requests in all of our programs providing that the age and ability levels make sense.

Often being with a friend or family member increases confidence and enjoyment and we will try and accommodate all requests.

Do I have to stay with my child?

That depends upon the age of your child and the length of the program. Parents/guardians are required to remain throughout the entire program if BOTH of the following criteria are true:

1. Your child is 6 or under

2. The program is 1 hour or less in duration (per day).

Parents required to stay at the program should be located immediately next to the playing area and be able to supervise their children for water breaks, bathroom breaks or if their child leaves the coach's playing area at any time.

My child isn't 3 yet, can I still register?

To register for a Soccer Squirts program, your child must be turning 3 within two months of the program start date in order to participate.

If your child does not fall into our age policy, we do offer Parent & Me Soccer classes and camps for ages 2-3 that your child can participate in!

What if it rains?

Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. If a class is cancelled in the spring or fall, an extra week/s will be added at the end of the session.  If time is lost during a summer squirts camp, extra time will be added on to the remaining days to make up for lost time.

To check the status of a class please check the web or click here for our Weather Alerts Page. If there is no cancellation notice on this page then the class is on.

Please do not call our regular office number for rain out information as the web site is typically updated remotely from staff closer to the actual sites. Thanks!

Can I get a discount on the class fee?

Yes, there is one way that you can save money on all of our camps and classes.

1. Register for our Community Parent program for discounts.
Click here for Community Parent information

What comes after Squirts for my child?

Our sister company, United Soccer Academy provides progressive, developmental coaching for all age groups. When your child has graduated from one part of the Academy structure there's always a level to move on to.

Once your child is too old for Soccer Squirts the next step is our popular World Cup Camp.

Click here to visit the United Soccer Academy homepage.

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