Our Staff

We pride ourselves on only hiring the most dedicated, professional, dynamic and enthusiastic sports educators from around the world.

To join our soccer coaching staff, all applicants are subject to an extensive recruitment process; including on-field coaching assessments and off-field interviews, and must demonstrate significant experience in coaching preschool children. All successful candidates then go through the necessary police background and reference checks required to ensure the quality of our staff is second-to-none, and the safety of your child is not compromised.

We employ both male and female staff, all of whom are fully qualified, and originate from all across the globe; including Great Britain, Europe and the United States of America. Our coaches are hand picked for being specialists in not just coaching, but motivating and engaging preschool and kindergarten aged children. All coaches are given comprehensive training when they start work with us, but the training does not stop there. Throughout the year our coaches are regularly evaluated, and receive constant, ongoing training to ensure they are able to maintain and develop their own coaching skills throughout their employment with United Soccer Academy.

United Soccer Academy only employs the most experienced, energetic and enthusiastic soccer coaches, so that we can guarantee we are providing you, and your child, with the best possible Soccer Squirts sessions we can.

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